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We offer Notary Services 7 days a week and most holidays to the Detroit, and Metro area.

We notarize Mortgage Loan Documents, Wills, Car Titles, Lease Agreements, Power of Attorneys, and more! All signers MUST present a valid government issued photo ID.

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    Notary Services

    A notary public is a licensed professional who manages and witnesses signing legally binding documents and agreements.

    Loan Signing

    Certified signing agents help those who need verification for loans necessary to acquire funds for major purchases or property,

    Onsite In-Person

    Book a consultation and meet to discuss the details in person.

    Will signing

    Proving a will means that a witness to the will gives testimony to the appropriate state government official that they witnessed the signing of the will.

    Contract Signing

    Notary publics identify the person who is signing the document and attest to the person's signature.


    An Affidavit, sometimes called a sworn statement or a statement under oath, is a document used to make a statement of true facts under oath.


    Notarization, and loan signing services work best when they’re capable, consistent and high quality.

    Southfield General Notary

    1st Signature $10 2nd Signature $10 etc.

    Metro Detroit General notary

    1st Signature $10 and a traveling fee

    Loan Signing

    All loan signing services start at $125